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With the new Cyber Monitor 2004 you can have
total control of all your internet cafes

Cyber Monitor is a professional billing, monitoring and management system for Internet cafes, libraries, schools, hotels and other institutions that provide computers for public use.
For Your Customers
Your customers will be pleased with the Cyber Monitor's stylish multi-language interface, with the almost immediate logon procedure, the real time detailed billing status and the complete billing history, the graceful session termination with timeout warnings and the possibility to transfer the session on another computer.  Cyber Monitor even values your customers privacy, the cleanup procedures can wipe out the sensitive personal info, close all open applications and web sites, and prepare the workstation for your next customer. And yes, you can customize everything to fit your needs. Yes, literally everything.
For Your Employees
For your employees there is a specially designed component, the management console, optimized for simple and efficient execution of the everyday tasks. Your employees can monitor all workstations and their states, create customer accounts, create customer tickets, monitor and bill the printing, receive orders for and bill other services like food and drinks, remotely logon/logoff customers, execute operations on one, more or all of the workstations at once, remotely. Everything, from behind the counter.
For Your Administrators
With the self-documented 100% web based administration console, your administrators can browse their way through the extremely powerful and flexible customer centric billing and security system. With the concepts of customer groups, workstations groups, security profiles, price lists, prepaid cards, customer tickets, they can setup up everything in minutes. Everything, from a single place.
For You
And here you come. With a technologically advanced, complete all-in-one billing and management solution in place you will have plenty of time to focus on improvements. The Cyber Monitor flexible billing system and the loyalty/rewards  program will most surely support your business model. Control? Just launch your browser from time to time and connect to your Cyber Monitor server. Feel free to check everything.  After all everything is for you. Everything from anywhere.


Cyber Monitor 2004 v3.0 >> released

 What's new in version 2004 v3.0
Enhanced control of printing
Web based Management Console
Workstations Layouts
Waiting List
Remote desktop administration with RealVNC 4.0
 Key Features
Advanced web based technology
Customer Accounts, Customer Groups
Prepaid cards, customer tickets, one time visitors, memberships
Centralized and remote management/administration
Security Profiles
Advertisement Profiles
Completely customizable workstation interface
Loyalty/Rewards program
Detailed web based reporting
Cyber Monitor 2004 Trial Version
User Manual
Cyber Monitor 2003
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