Monitoring and Management Features
Permanent view of all computers and their states;
Rich client and web based management consoles
Logon/logoff customers remotely from CM Manager;
Print a receipt-like customer ticket with customer id and password;
Permanent open bills view;
Monitor and close opened applications on workstations from the CM Manager;
Remote desktop administration with RealVNC 4.0
Cleanup workstations remotely: Delete "My Documents" files, Delete IE Temporary files, Delete IE History, close all open applications;
Extend customer session allowing additional credit or payment;
Transfer a session from one computer to another;
Monitoring and billing of the printing;
Orders notification;
Print receipt automatically or only at a customer request;
Make a shift changeover with a single click and shift income report;
Restart, Shutdown one, more or all workstations remotely;
Enable/Disable workstation;
Send message to customers;
Set time intervals for timeout messages and sound when the customer's time is nearly up
Waiting List
 Billing Features
All kinds of customer accounts: prepaid/postpaid cards, customer tickets, member accounts;
Different types of price lists;
Customer Groups;
Happy hours;
Different price list for different customer groups and workstation groups;
Prepaid card generation in series;
Individual receipt printing;
Billing system for additional services like scanning, food and drinks
 Loyalty/Rewards Features
Optional usage;
Points awarded per time interval;
Points awarded per item/service;
Price Lists in loyalty points ;
Item/service price in loyalty points;
Points redemption (free computer use, food, drinks etc.)
 Security Features
All workstation security restrictions are defined with the security profiles;
Security profiles are defined only once in CM Administrator. No need to define them on each workstation;
Different security profiles for different customer groups and workstation groups;
Security restrictions are automatically applied with the customer logon;
Customizing locked workstation state: enabled (logon from both, the workstation and CM Manager) or disabled (logon only from CM Manager);
Prevent CM Workstation component closing when there is no connection with CM Server;
Use windows users with customer logon to enforce the security and all other settings of the windows user on the workstation;
CM Workstation component designed as a Windows service
  At the server
All data are stored in a secured relational database;
Encrypted communication between the clients and the server;
Employee accounts for employees with different levels of privileges (operator/administrator);
Special report on workstation usage to monitor the amount of time the workstations had spent in a particular state
Connect to your server with an ordinary browser from anywhere;
Administer multiple sites from a single place;
Customer groups to ease the generation of customer accounts and prepaid cards;
Prepaid card generation;
Different advertisements for different workstations (activated when the workstation is in idle state);
Specify disallowed urls for particular groups of customers
All reports are web based and accessible with a web browser;
Various reports (by shift, by customer group, by customer, by hour, by weekday...) on income and workstation usage;
Comprehensive report filtering options: by date, by employee, customer, customer group, workstation;
Event log;
Export your data to all standard formats: Excel, Word, html, xml
Administration Console
Complete web based administration with self-documented user interface;
Extensive use of "defaults" to ease the administration;
Startup wizard to setup your initial usage scenario in a minute
Management Console
Modern convenient user interface for the Management Console, optimized for fast (single click) execution of the most common tasks;
Permanent view of all relevant info;
Most of the workstation based commands can be executed on one, more on all workstations remotely
Nothing to configure at the workstations;
Customizable Workstation window;
Virtual workstations support (used to provide billing solution for games consoles, like Play Stations, Xboxes, etc.)


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